Welcome to Ed's-Photos

I’m Edward Smith.

Photography is my hobby. I like to go out with my wife Marja and take our cameras to
make some nice pictures. We are living in Bath at the side of the river the Westerschelde
in Zeeland, the Netherlands, not far from Antwerp in Belgium. So we have lots
of water around us. Nice to take pictures of ships and sunsets or stormy waters.
I’m not pretending I have fantastic pictures but I like them.
If you see it, than there are lots of nice pictures to be made. In this Corona times
it's not easy to get somewhere, so traveling to make photos is not easy.

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My camera is an Canon SX60 and also I use my Huawei Mate 20 mobile phone.
The pictures at my site are in black and white, if you click on them you will get
theme in color. For questions and comments please E-mail me.

Enjoy, Edward.


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Hope you like my pictures...